Previously XLD Stage 1 (Local Qualifiers) and XLD Stage 2 (Regional Qualifiers) have not included a payout. Beginning July 1, 2022 all XLD Stage 1 Qualifiers will include a “Best Ball” payout.  We will pay back 20% of all entries per division in each session for the longest ball. Sessions are determined by the total number of registrants for each division. Each session may include up to 16 registrants. 40% of entries are paid to the TD and 40% of all entries are paid into the World Championship Reserve Fund.

All upcoming Stage 2 Qualifiers (as of July 1, 2022) will also include a best ball payout to the winner of each division. We will allocate 20% of all entries per division to this payout. The balance of entry fees are split between the TD (40%) and the World Championship Reserve (40%) fund.

These payouts are less than our (normal) XLD Tour and League payouts, but they offer something back to those who hit the longest ball in their division. A portion of each entry is paid to the TD, a portion is allocated to the World Championship reserve to pay expenses for the 2022 Worlds Championship.