ULD Crowdfunding 2022

Crowdfunding for Long Drivers!

ULD Crowdfunding gives players an opportunity to fundraise for expenses such as event registrations, training, travel, lodging, and equipment.


Offered to current ULD members.  If you are not yet a member, please click HERE and get your tour card. You will receive a confirmation email with your Membership ID. You will need that ID number to apply for a ULD Crowdfunding Campaign using the form on this page.

Crowdfunding Basic Campaign

The Basic Program consists or a group of pre-determined levels and rewards. This program allows the participant to begin with minimal effort and no cost.

Basic Donation Levels

In the Basic Program, donors opt for one (or more) of four pre-determined levels and associated rewards. The donation levels range from $100 to $5000+.

While the levels are pre-determined in the Basic Program, there is some flexibility. Participants may elect to remove one or more of the levels if they are uncomfortable with the reward commitment. Example: The Basic Program includes an exhibition level. If a competitor cannot perform hitting exhibitions for any reason may opt out of that level. Alternative rewards will be considered.


Crowdfunding Premium

The Premium Program allows the participant to customize their campaign. All rewards must be provided by the player.  The set-up fee for the Premium Program is $250.

Premium Donation Levels

There are no limits on the number and value of levels in the Premium Program, but we recommend keeping the campaign as simple as possible to entice donor participation.


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