On November 27th we completed the transition from SportsEngine to RedPodium registration software. Our goal has been to have all events in North America accessible to all USA and Canadian members. With RePodium, we are finally able to do this! To those of you who have been with us from the beginning, and been through this before, we thank you for your patience as we grow and improve the registration experience.

All existing (USA and Canada)Tour Card members were integrated into the new system. During your registration for you next event you’ll be asked to enter your Tour Card number to verify your membership. Upon registration for your first event in the new system, you will be prompted (from your event registration confirmation email) to set up your account.

Also as part of this transition, we have moved all our ALD™ event listings (in addition to Facebook) to the main ALD™ website at https://amateurlongdrive.com/events.  Al\l XLD™ event listings are at https://xtremelongdrive/events. We’ve also included an events calendar here on Ultimate Long Drive.

Tour Card memberships can be purchased online by visiting the “Get Your Tour Card” links on the ALD™ and XLD™ sites…as well as here on Ultimate Long Drive.

If you have any questions or issues getting stated with RedPodium, please reach out to us HERE or by phone at 843-272-1900.