Note: This information was changed to include a separate championship schedule for XLD. Please visit for details.

World Championship Week – One Day Longer for 2020

The 2020 Ultimate Long Drive™ World Championship week schedule will be extended by one day beginning this season. With the addition of the Xtreme Long Drive™ Series Championship, we’re starting on Wednesday August 12th and running through Saturday August 15th. In addition to adding a day to the competition, we’re adding lights to the grid to allow competition after sundown.

ALD™ Preliminary Schedule

The ALD™ (adult) Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) will begin at 10 AM Thursday August 14th, 2020. Competition elimination rounds will begin Thursday afternoon and continue into Friday, narrowing the field for Saturday finals. Youth LCQ and competition elimination rounds will begin Saturday at 9 AM narrowing the field for Saturday afternoon finals.

XLD™ Preliminary Schedule

The XLD™ LCQ will begin at 3 PM on Wednesday August 12th, 2020.  Thursday and Friday (August 13th and 14th) will include competition elimination rounds for XLD™ hitters narrowing the field for Saturday finals.

Finals Under The Lights

We expect competition on Saturday August 15th to extend beyond sundown. The ALD™ then XLD™ finals will most likely occur under the lights. the awards ceremony and the crowning of all champions will occur immediately after the XLD™ finals.

All schedules at this time are preliminary. Please keep us with us here and on social media for updates.