The Product

Ultimate Long Drive, Inc, based in Myrtle Beach, SC, is searching for qualified individuals to operate Amateur Long Drive™ and Xtreme Long Drive™ tournaments in the USA and abroad. For amateurs of all ages and abilities we offer the ALD™ Championship Series. men, women, boys, and girls from age 4 to 77 have shown a mutual love for crushing golf balls and taking down their opponents. For professionals, we offer the XLD™ Championship Series. This series is intended for entry and mid-level professionals to prepare themselves for competition among the elite long drivers in the world in the WLDA (World Long Drive Association). Open Men and Open Women’s divisions are initially offered.  Exclusive (licensed) territories (leagues) are available in the USA and abroad. Single and multiple event sanctioning is available outside the USA. Both types of licenses provide a pathway to the prestigious ALD™ World Championship and XLD™ Series Championship.

Tournament Format

Our unique format is designed to allow for short duration events. Local league events are intended to be the after-work or weekend quick 2 hour competition. To facilitate the quick-turn we’ve designed a tournament grid set-up that requires no painting / striping or extensive measuring. We line the grid with plastic oval cones and do all set-up and tournament measuring with laser range-finders. Grid set-up and tear-down can be done in as little as 30 minutes on both ends of the event.  Most tournaments consist of two to three –  six or eight ball sets.

Tournament Directors

Tournament Directors (TDs) should possess basic organizational and people skills and have a love for long drive. If the love for long drive isn’t there, you’ve probably not attended your first event. We invite you to come feel the excitement, comradery, and energy at our events.  TDs are allowed to compete in our events. But, they are not allowed to take a spot from an amateur competitor. A competing amateur TD’s advancement to the Worlds uses a different path. TDs competing in XLD™ events are allowed with specific predetermined guidelines..


Territory licensees are provided everything needed to operate tournaments under our guidelines. The initial kit includes a 10 x 10 pop-up tent, table cover, Mitchell Clublength gauge, feather flags, cones, tee markers, and a Leupold Rangefinder. ULD™ provides online registration software for pre-event sales as well as sales at the event.

Now for The The Financial Part

For a pre-determined one-time fee, territory licensees receive the necessary supplies, commissions on all new and renewing memberships, as well as registration revenue sharing. For sanctioned events, fees are determined on a variety of circumstances, but at a minimum will require a championship participant commitment.

Wrapping Up

So, whether you would like pursue a part-time (or full-time) venture into long drive event management, or just want to sanction you existing event, we’d love to have you fill out our application (link below).


Application / Information Request