About Amateur Long Drive™

An Ultimate Long Drive™ Experience – Grass Roots Competition Developed by Fans

We’re huge fans of the sport of long drive. The excitement…the competition…the entertainment is unmatched.

Amateur Long Drive™ (ULD™)

ULD™ is a property of Ultimate Long Drive, Inc. We are a grass roots effort to promote and grow of the sport of long drive by introducing it to to amateurs of all skill levels, ages, and abilities. The ULD™ Championship Series creates local league competition and regional qualifying opportunities to allow all competitors to play their way to the ULD™ World Championship

We’re an Amateur World Championship Series

The ULD™ Championship Series  is a competition for non-professionals. Long drive participants compete in age brackets for trophies and prizes. There are multiple pathways for getting to the ULD™ World Championship. Competitors may compete in leagues across the United States and abroad as well as regional major qualifiers to make their way to the World Championship.

Former professionals who wish to return to the tee as an amateur are encouraged to apply to the USGA for reinstatement of amateur status and come join us. It’s fairly easy to do…click HERE for more information.

Any current or form professionals should also chuck out Ultimate Long Drive, Inc’s Xtreme Long Drive™.

Our Cause

We’ve chosen to support Salt Air® Foundation to benefit Cystic Fibrosis (CF) as our primary charity. CF is a genetic terminal disease that affects the lungs and other organs in about 35,000 people in the United States. We’re very close to this cause and have an unwavering passion to make a difference.

We get lots of questions about eligibility...and the definition of Amateur versus Professional. We understand this topic is somewhat  "gray" to some. But, the USGA (R&A and Canada Golf) guidelines for determining amateur status are pretty clear.

If a competitor enters and event that offers a purse (without claiming amateur status upon entry, and prior to competing) that competitor becomes a professional golfer whether or not he or she wins any money. Furthermore, if a competitor has EVER entered a competition to compete as a professional...whether or not he or she was paid...that competitor is still technically a professional golfer until the USGA has been petitioned for reinstatement and amateur status regained.

As of this writing an amateur may win up to $750 (in the USA, $1000 Canadian) in prize money without breaching amateur status. But, they still must be playing the event as an amateur. Playing the vent as an amateur requires claiming amateur status prior to competition. It is the player's responsibility to do this!

An amateur golfer may receive reimbursement of expenses such as equipment, entry fees, and travel without breaching amateur status. But, official representation of a company / sponsor may be a breach....especially if that player is of significant skill.

If you're not sure about your particular situation, contact the USGA, R&A, Canada Golf, or your country's governing body for clarification.

For more information regarding applying for reinstatement of amateur status click HERE.

We hope this helps to clear the confusion. Let us know HERE if you have any questions.

Jeff Gilder

Founder, Ultimate Long Drive, Inc Amateur Long Drive™ Xtreme Long Drive™, President, Ultimate Long Drive, Inc