ULD Academy Certified Long Drive Trainers

Jeff Crittenden

Jeff Crittenden

ULD Academy Certified Long Drive Trainer - North Carolina

Kevin Porter

Kevin Porter

ULD Certified Long Drive Trainer - Virginia

Jeff Gilder

Jeff Gilder

ULD Certified Long Drive Trainer - South Carolina

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 843-272-1900

Address: ULD Academy Training Center @ ULD HQ

115 Surfrider BLVE Suite 4

Longs, SC 29568


Dustin Stearns

Dustin Stearns

ULD Certified Long Drive Trainer - Maryland

Email: [email protected]


The Concept

Ultimate Long Drive Academy is developed to support long drive athletes and golfers of all levels. ULD Academy is a result-driven, multi-staged curriculum, designed for long drivers, but beneficial to all golfers. Through speed, strength, and mental preparation training participants have access to a proven and winning formula.

Trainers / Coaches

ULD Academies are operated by (ULD) certified long drive trainers. ULD trainers host Stage One, Two, and Stage Three Clinics in given territories as well as offering on-going personal training and coaching.


ULD Academy Stage One, Two, and Three Clinics are developed to teach long drivers a training process that provides the ability to plan for and perform at their peak. Regardless of skill level, the system works best when hitters go through Stage One, before Stage Two, and only attend Stage Three clinics when they’ve completed the first two.

Stage One

Stage One Clinics are an introduction to speed through stability. This stage is designed to unlock the speed you already have.  Stage one clinics include an intitial speed check and a post clinic speed check. The average clubhead and ball speed increase from over 4000 golfers is 11%.

Stage Two

Stage Two Clinics include and introduction to speed through strength conditioning. This stage ioncludes advanced speed training with focus on maintaining gained speed and increasing long-term speed.

Stage Three

Stage Three Clinics are focused on competition preparation from every aspect. Grid technique, planning and hitting the winning shot, pre-event physical conditioning, and mental preparation are key elements resulting in planning and implementing a winning competition strategy.

1 On 1 Training

All ULD Certified Trainers offer personal training and coaching at facilities around the USA.


All ULD Academy dates will be posted on our calendar and social media accounts.

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