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ULD News

The Future of Long Drive

World Long Drive Suspends Operations 2020 and the pandemic took its toll on many businesses. The impact that affected Long Drive the most was the announcement that World Long Drive (WLD) would suspend operations. Ultimate Long Drive, Inc (ULD) had recently entered...

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Territories Available

The Product Ultimate Long Drive, Inc, based in Myrtle Beach, SC, is searching for qualified individuals to operate Amateur Long Drive™ and Xtreme Long Drive™ tournaments in the USA and abroad. For amateurs of all ages and abilities we offer the ALD™ Championship...

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Preliminary World Championship Schedule

Note: This information was changed to include a separate championship schedule for XLD. Please visit for details. World Championship Week - One Day Longer for 2020 The 2020 Ultimate Long Drive™ World Championship week schedule will be...

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New Registration Software Is Active

On November 27th we completed the transition from SportsEngine to RedPodium registration software. Our goal has been to have all events in North America accessible to all USA and Canadian members. With RePodium, we are finally able to do this! To those of you who have...

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About Ultimate Long Drive

Ultimate Long Drive, Inc (ULD) is based in Myrtle Beach, SC and operates the ALD™ (Amatuer Long Drive™) Championship Series and the XLD™ (Xtreme Long Drive™) Series.

Amatuer Long Drive (ALD™

Beginning in 2017, ALD™ and ULD licensees operate Amateur Long Drive™ events in the USA, Canada, and India as well as sanctioned events in Mexico and Dominican Republic. The ALD™ Championship Series consists of League, Regional Major, and World Championship events. the season runs from Septmeber 1st through the end of August annuall

Xtreme Long Drive (XLD™)

The XLD™ Championship Series, beginning in 2019 conducts professional long drive envents in the USA and Canada. ULD licensees have the option to add XLD™ Championship Series events to their Leagues and/or Regional Majors. 

Upcoming League Play and Majors

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The sport of Long Drive is like no other. One-on-one and team competition is both exciting and entertaining. The sport is played by all ages. ULD has amateur divisions from youth to 70+ and will crown world champions in all participating divisions at the ALD™ Championship Series World Championship in Myrtle Beach, SC.

We Are Family

We have father & son competitors, grandfather and grandson competitors, husband and wife competitors, and fan support from family and firends. 

The comradery at our events is immediately noticable. Making new firends and building support from like-minded competitors drives membership and event registrations. 

Amateur Divisions


Boys and Girls ages 13 and under compete in youth divisons at ALD™ League, Regiona Major, and World Championship Events

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Boys and girls ages 14 to 17 compete in League, Regional Major, and World Championship Events.

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Players of any age may enter any Open Division event. Only players 18+ may receive prize money from professonal (XLD™) Events.

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Men and women ages 45 to 59 may competein ALD™ League, Regional Major, and World Championship Events.

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Super Senior

Men and women ages 60 to 99 may competein ALD™ League, Regional Major, and World Championship Events.

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Men and women ages 70+ may competein ALD™ League, Regional Major, and World Championship Events.

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XLD™ Divsions are limited to Open Men and Open Women for the 2020 Season.

Work Shops

Ultimate Long Drive, Inc provides access for all members to the best long drive coaches in the industry.


Good Long Drive equipment can be dfficult to find. Much is only availalbe in limited supply. ULD members have access to the best products and prices available. 

Peronalized Training

One-on-one training can be difficulet to arrange and expensive. . ULD provides its members to the best trainers in the industry.

ULD Sponsors

Are You Long Enough?

Whether you are an aspiring professional, and intermediate, or beginner in this sport, we offer dozens of annual events in the USA, Canada, India, Mexico, and Latin America. 

Would you like to own your own ULD licensed territory or sanctioned event. Create the opportunity for players, family, fans, and sponsors to enjoy this amazing sport!