ULD™ Rules


  • Have Fun! 

      1. Any violation of this rule will result in sanctions, including but not limited to:

  • Ostracization, polarization, and/or 

  • Punishment, as defined in Section Bad People.

  • Declaration of Home League

      1. At the beginning of the season or upon registration, all players shall choose a “Home” League from options available at that time or select “Unassigned” for the purpose of applying points accumulation to a specific League performance.

      2. League / Series points are ONLY applied to tournaments played within the player’s “Home” League.

  • Playing In League Outside “Home”

      1. Any player, including unassigned players may compete in any League that is sanctioned by ULD™. World Ranking Points are accumulated at all events but are not applied to the players “Home” League ranking for tournaments played outside his/her “Home” League.

  • ULD Brackets

      1. Effective Playing Age

  • Beginning with the 2022 season, the effective age for competition in any bracket is based upon the player’s birthday. Players are eligible (but not required) to move up on or after their birthdates. Any player has the option to play out the season at their age at the beginning of the season. Example: Adult players benefit with the opportunity to play in the next older bracket. Youth players benefit (normally) by retaining the opportunity to remain in the younger bracket. We will not force a player to move up in age during a season.

      1. ULD™ Age Brackets

  • Youth brackets for both boys and girls include: 7U; 9U; 11U; and 13U.  ULD™ 

  • Junior brackets for boys and girls include ages 17 and under.  

  • ULD™ adult brackets for both men and women include: 

  • Open 

  • Masters 35+ (ages 35 and up); Masters 40+ (ages 40 and up); Masters 45+ (ages 45 and up) 

  • Senior 50+ (ages 50 and up); Senior 55+ (ages 55 and up); Senior 60+ (ages 60 and up); Senior 65+ (ages 65 and up); Senor 70+ (ages 70 and up); Senior 75+ (ages 75 and up).

      1. Valor Bracket

        1. The Valor bracket will consist of Veteran, Military and First Responders for both males and females competing exclusively at the ULD™ World Championship

        2. Valor bracket eligible hitters competing at the League and World Championship Qualifiers level will be scored as their age bracket with Valor for male or female to be identified for eligibility to compete in the World Championship Valor Bracket.

        3. First Responder is defined as a firefighter, law enforcement officer, paramedic, emergency medical technician, or other individual (including an employee of a legally organized and recognized volunteer organization, whether compensated or not), who, in the course of his or her professional duties, responds to fire, medical, hazardous material, or other similar emergencies 

      2. Adaptive Bracket

  • There will be an Open Adaptive Bracket for both male and female, adult and junior competitors at the World Championship Qualifiers, Nationals, and World Championship. Additional brackets shall be considered based upon participation. 

  • Adaptive brackets at the league level will be scored as “Open” adaptive…male or female…junior or adult.

  • Conduct / Etiquette /Attire

      1. Players and their guests shall always conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Proper golf etiquette is required during all levels of competitions. At no time will disorderly conduct, abusive language, intoxication, possession of firearms, and/or possession of any illegal substance be tolerated. Violations of this section shall be cause for immediate expulsion form ULD™ competitions and forfeiture of all monies paid, if any. ULD™ has the right to refuse service to any player or guest for improper etiquette.

      2. Actions Unbecoming of A Champion

  • Accepting the championship trophy for competing in an Ultimate Long Drive™ Championship Event comes with some responsibility. Players should realize that reaching this level of accomplishment brings a certain amount of notoriety. We expect our champions to handle themselves in a respectable manner. Violations of this section shall be cause for immediate expulsion form ULD™ competitions and forfeiture of all monies to be paid, if any.

      1. Attire

  • Attire while in competition is up to the venue hosting the event. Most competition venues are at golf courses, so one can assume normal golf attire will usually be required. ULD™ reserves the right to disallow any attire deemed unfit for competition.

  • Equipment

      1. Golf Clubs

  •  Golf clubs must conform to the USGA® Rules of Golf (appendix ll, 1c), which limits golf club length to a maximum of forty-eight inches (48”). All competitors are required to have their clubs inspected and cleared before competition. Clubs will be measured on a Mitchell Golf CLUB LENGTH Measuring Ruler. Clubs that are longer than 48″ on this device will need to be corrected and cleared before competition.

      1. Golf Ball

  • Players are required to hit the golf ball provided by ULD™ at all events. Players are required to ensure their ULD™ issued balls are visible at all times on the hitting tee.

      1. Tees

  • Any tee is allowed in ULD™ competition. Tees are normally not provided. Competitors are required to bring their own tees.

      1. Prohibited Items

  • No golf clubs shall be allowed in competition that include any markings or tape on the face or head that did not come from the factory

  • Exception: If not deemed to be an alignment aid, stickers or markings for personal launch monitors will be allowed.

  • Launch Monitor

  • Exception: In certain situations where launch monitors are provided for all players, launch monitors and any tape required for the launch monitor shall be permitted

  • Tee Claws with strings attached

  • Headphones

  • Any item that could be used as an alignment device or a training aid.

  • Golf Bags are not permitted in the teeing area

  • Scoring / Measurement / Official Yardages

      1. Official Yardages will be determined utilizing grid workers laser rangefinder equipment, and / or physical yardage markers. In events and qualifiers where laser range finders are utilized, grid workers positioned along the sides of the grid will mark the longest ball for each hitter in each group by standing over the ball wearing a color-matched vest. A ULD™ official will record the (laser calculated) distance from the tee box to the grid worker.

      2. Scoring Ties

  • At A League Event – (For Standings & Points Allocation considerations) Any two recorded drives within a bracket round within a half yard (18”) of each other are considered a tie.

  • Tie Breaker – Playoff – In the event there are two or more such confirmed yardages recorded, those tied players will hit six (6) additional balls in two minutes (2:30) (Playoff) to determine the final winning drive. A playoff will continue until a winner is determined. If one of the players is not present for the playoff, the player present will be deemed the winner.

  • At The World Championship, National Championship, or Any National or World Championship Qualifier – Any two recorded drives within a bracket round within a yard of each other are considered a tie. In the event there are two or more such confirmed yardages recorded, those tied players will hit six (6) additional balls in two minutes (2:30) (Playoff) to determine the final winning drive. A playoff will continue until a winner is determined. If one of the players is not present for the playoff, the player present will be deemed the winner.

  • In seating round(s) with an odd number of hitters, the number 1 seed may receive a bye.. 

  • Starting Time

      1. There will be no set time for competition by bracket…only an order of competition at league events. World Championship Qualifier qualifiers, national, and world championship events will have target starting times by brackets posted in advance.  It is the players’ responsibility to be ready to compete when his or her bracket is called to the tee, and failure to do so will result in disqualification from competition. Starting times may vary depending upon conditions and circumstances.

  • Qualifying Drives

      1. Each player will be scored based on their longest drives. Qualifying drives must come to rest inside the grid. A ball that lands outside the grid and rolls or bounces in, or lands inside the grid, rolls or bounces out, and back into the grid is a qualifying drive.

  • Clarification: Drives that exceed the length of the grid shall qualify if (in the opinion of the ULD™ official) are within the established grid width using his/her best judgement. In the event two or more qualifying drives exceed the grid, and measurement of those drives are necessary to determine round transfers or wins, the ULD™ officials will use their best judgement to determine the winner. If none of the balls that exceeded the grid can be measured, the official may do a hit off, or award qualification to all players involved. (A hit off may yield more lost balls in certain conditions.)

  • Lost Balls That Appear to Be in the Grid

      1. Although extremely rare, occasionally (appx 1 in 5000) balls that appear to be inside the grid are not found. Whether plugged, or otherwise hidden from view, it happens. Every effort shall be made to find and score all balls deemed in the grid. There will be a five (5) minute time period allowed for searching. If not, found within the allotted time period, the ball will be scored OB. In the case of a ball lost in the grid, the next longest ball will be scored. (Effective 3/21/2022) No active players (in the same bracket / round) will be allowed to enter the grid during this time. Any active player who enters the grid during a ball search will be disqualified.

  • League 

      1. The ULD™ Championship Series includes League, World Championship Qualifier, Special Events, and The World Championship.

      2. The league format allows players to compete in multiple events and brackets within any established league for World Ranking Points (WRP) applied to participating age and ability brackets. League bracket winners receive an invite to the World Championship.

  • Tournament Procedure

    1. Before the competition, via blind draw (and / or seeding), ULD™ officials will divide each of the brackets into groups of two (2) or four (4) players. 

    2. Smaller brackets will be accommodated. Format and groups may be adjusted according to the ULD™ official’s decision. 

    3. Each group will hit one set of six (6) balls (in 2:30). Players must have all balls (6) visible to the scoring officials before the clock begins and may tee only one ball prior to the starting the clock, and only one at a time during the set.

    4. Each group will then hit the second set of six (6) balls (in 2 minutes 30 seconds) to determine the leaders in each age bracket. 

    5. After any Additional (buy-in) Sets the top two hitters will compete to determine the bracket winner.

    6. Additional Sets 

      1. Players may purchase additional during registration and at the event until 10 minutes before regulation play. At the end of the regulation rounds, at the ULD Official’s discretion, there will be a ten (10) minute buy-in period when any competitor may buy up to three (3) additional sets to better their longest drive. They may buy these sets during the ten-minute period. No buy-ins will be allowed after that period regardless of outcome. Unused additional sets are forfeited. 

    7. Only a player’s longest Qualified Drive will be measured and recorded.

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