ULD Wrap-Around Season

Wrap- Around Season

Our competition season begins immediately after the current year’s  World Championship and continues through the following year’s World Championship. Traditionally the World Championship occurs in the fall.

League Seasons

League / local event schedules will follow the weather cycle affecting that area. Most will be able to get in some outdoor events before weather prohibits outdoor activity. Where available, local events are held at indoor facilities during colder months. Each league will produce a minimum of 6 events per season followed by a League Championship event.

Regional Events

Each season will include 4 to 6 Regional (World Championship) Qualifiers. Regional events normally begin in early spring and run through the summer months.

World Championship

The World Championship occurs in the fall allowing all leagues to maximize summer months for local competition. Participating international partners may schedule their national championship at their discretion as long as it allows sufficient time for players to plan for World Championship travel.