Changes for 2023

Hey hitters! Those of you who have been with us for a while know we often make tweaks to our program between seasons. This year is no different. In 2019 we added the XLD series along with a new set of rules and points. Over the past two seasons, we listened to your request and added more age divisions to make competition fair for aging hitters, For this past 2022 season, we actually provided opportunities for 50+ divisions to make their way to the World Championship. That might seem like too many…but that’s what we did!

USGA Rule Changes

During the 2022 season (January 1, 2022) the USGA put into effect a new rule that pretty much negated the need for a separate Amateur and Professional series. The USGA no longer considers professional long drive a breach of amateur status.  We didn’t (necessarily) agree with the direction, but here we are. We see it as an opportunity for some streamlining and simplification.

National / World Championship

In 2021 we added the National Championship level to our program. It worked beautifully in 2021, but in 2022, weakened economic conditions put a strain on players to travel to both, the National and World Championships. For 2023, we’ve removed the National competition level. All players will compete for advancement to the World Championship via our League and Qualifier events. We will revisit the National Championship idea at a later date.

Money and / or Points

For 2023, we will eliminate the need for a unique ALD and XLD points system. We will actually begin removing the terms “amateur and professional” from our vocabulary. We ran an Amateur and Professional series to allow amateurs to protect there status with the USGA. That is no longer necessary.

Effective November 1, 2022 (first day of the 2023 season) we will offer players an option to compete for points or money in every division for which they are eligible. Explanation: We already allow players to compete in multiple age divisions. Example: A 45 year old may compete with younger (40, 35, and Open) divisions, Going forward, a player may compete for points in one division and money in another. A player will not be allowed to play for both (money and points) in a given event within the same division. Example: That same 45 year old may choose to play his/her natural age division of 45 for money and play the 35 and Open divisions for points. Next week, he/she may play the 35 for money and the Open and 45 for points.

In each event there will be a (division) “money” winner and a (division) points winner. We will keep a combined running tally of points earned and money earned for each player across divisions they have played. Any player may advance to the World Championship by way of points earned or money earned…or both.

Pathways To The World Championship

We will still maintain pathways to the World Championship by division from League competition, Qualifiers, and Regional Majors as we have in the past. There will remain an overall World Ranking Points winner and a newly recognized Overall Money winner. Each of those winners will earn an paid exemption into the World Championship to play in any division for which they have qualified throughout the season.

2023 Tour Card / Membership ID

During the pandemic we stopped sending out physical cards (Tour Cards). Those cards contained your name and ULD Membership ID used for registrations. That same Membership ID has also been provided in an email confirmation.  Players easily made the adjustment from card to email.  For the coming season, we will drop the “Tour Card” verbiage for “Membership ID”. All players will receive their Membership ID in the confirmation email…which by the way…is sent to the email used during the registration. So….be sure to check “that” email for your number. The old “tour Card” tab on the website will be replace with a “Membership” tab linked to instructions.

Membership Specials

Beginning November 1, 2022 and running through November 30, 2022, all players may get 25% off their 2023 membership by using the coupon code 2023drive. In keeping with tradition, all players who earned an invitation to the 2022 Nationals and Worlds will receive an email with a 50% off coupon.  

League Season Schedule

For 2023, the League regular season will end on August 6th, 2023. All League Championships will be completed by September 2nd, 2023. Explanation: Regular season league points (and money earned) will end on August 5th. All points (and money) earned at the League Championship will go toward ULD World Rankings, but will not be added to League results. Any league events that occur after August 5th and before the League Championship will not contribute to League Ranking or ULD World Rankings.