How To Qualify

We’re getting dozens of folks asking about getting into our World Championship. Unfortunately the path for getting there is pretty narrow at this point in the season. If you haven’t competed with us…and/or have not read our rules, here is how it works.

Hitters can compete in our leagues and qualify based on points and/or money earned throughout the season. There are League Championship events at the end of the season (after July 31) where hitters can qualify with a win. They can also qualify by adding points (or money) from this event to their totals for the season. There are Regional Qualifiers where hitters can qualify with a win….and add to their points and money for the season.


International players may qualify through organizations that hold a current ULD Sanction Agreement or through international qualifying events that we conduct.

Will There Be An LCQ

In a perfect situation, there will no LCQ. If…there is one, it will be for a very limited number of spots. Here’s how that works: We invite hitters that have qualified (by division), then determine, based on acceptance, what the field size at Worlds will be. We allocate schedules based on these numbers. If someone has accepted and can’t go…or we have an odd number (to make the bracket work) for whatever reason, we may offer an LCQ for open spots. Open spots are first offered to anyone who has been through our program and is in line for an invitation. If you’re only hope to get in is through an LCQ…that’s an extremely slim possibility.


We exempt (from qualifying) last year’s champions. Players in other long drive series are not exempted for any reason regardless of their status.

Notice: For anyone reading this in years following 2023, please note we do make rule changes between seasons from time to time as situations require. Be sure to read the current year’s rules before calling foul.