The Event

The second XLD Team Series Event is scheduled for August 25th at 6 PM at the ULD Training Center in Longs, SC. The draft for this event is open and will close July 31st at midnight. The draft will occur Wednesday August 2nd at noon live on Smash Factor.


The event will consist of (2 or 4) 4 person teams. Whether there are 2 or 4 teams will be determined by draft participation. Team captains will make draft selections based on knowledge of players and information provided from the draft application. Don’t assume they know you. Provide as much information as possible for consideration.


This event is planned for the Open Division. Other divisions will be considered based upon participation.


We would love to have 2 women’s teams for this event. Please pass the information around. Any interested ladies should enter the draft. We will consider smaller ladies teams if necessary.


Enter the draft by clicking the Register Now button below and complete the draft application form. ULD Membership required to enter the draft.

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