I had the chance to chat with one of the more colorful hitters in ALD™ Ben Sutton is a member of our Western Carolinas League and has been for 3 seasons now. He gave us some great insight on Tournament Director, Matt “Moby” Ellenburg. I am not sure if he will “pay for it” later when Moby reads this or not HA!!!

You have been involved in the sport of long drive for several years now. What year did you get started and what was your first event? Where?

I started in 2013 at a ReMax qualifier at the East Coast Classic at Mesa Soccer Complex. I showed up with Grateful Dead shirt and bass pro shop hat on. Warmed up for 3 minutes and walked down to the tee and won with my first ball at 403 yards.

You have been an ALD member since 2018.  What do you enjoy most about it?

I enjoy the camaraderie with other hitters. It’s a low-stress competition where we are not trying to beat each other for a pay check. ALD hitters support one another which makes it super fun and enjoyable.

As a member of the Western Carolinas League.  Which venue there is your favorite?

My favorite venue in the Western Carolina region is Par Tee driving range in West Columbia, SC. It’s a well-maintained range with a dedicated long drive grid. Tons of space to warm up, good range balls, and Tom the owner enjoys our presence. We have a new venue in Hendersonville called Champions Golf learning center. It’s a top spot. The owner really enjoys having events, the range is in good shape, and we get to support a nice family run business.

Matt Ellenburg is the TD there in your league.  You guys are great friends.   Got a good story you want to share??

Matthew “Moby” Ellenburg is the coolest guy in long drive. He is a rock and roll encyclopedia, a golf guru, the most giving person in the LD world, and true friend. I’ll tell you this, I have seen photos of a younger Moby, and he had a luscious head of black wavy hair and a strong 25 hair mustache that would make Burt Reynolds blush. He’s the best.

What are your goals in ALD for the 2020-21 season?

My goals for the 20/21 season are to continue to give 110% at all ALD events. To lose some weight and get faster. To punch a ticket to Nationals in March. Beat Mr. Hodges as much as possible. And hopefully, eat an Italian beef sandwich in Chicago with the championship belt on.