Phillis Meti and Isaiah Joyner

2022 ULD Open World Champions

Naoto Misumi

2022 ULD 35+ World Champion

Maurice Allen

2022 ULD 40+ World Champion

Phillis Meti. Kelley Rudney. Ethel Ruthenberg

2022 ULD World Champions

Adaptive Divisions

2022 ULD World Champions

Youth and Junior Divisions

2022 ULD World Champions

Gerald Helstowski

2022 ULD Amateur Open World Champion

ULD News

Still Time To Qualify For The 2023 ULD World Championship

Hey Hitters! As we enter the month of August, you'll find multiple opportunities to get qualified for the 2023 ULD World Championship (which will be held October 4 - 8, 2023 at Part Tee Golf Center in Cayce, SC). Beginning in August all our League Tournament Directors...

2023 ULD World Championship Schedule

Wednesday October 4th - 70+, 65+, 60+. 55+ Men - Amateur and Professional   Thursday October 5th - 50+, 45+, 40+ Men Amateur and Professional   Friday October 6th 35+, Open Men Amateur and Professional Elimination Rounds down to final group (group # TBD)...

Mid Atlantic Bombs Away at Arundel Golf Park – June 2023

Bombs Away at ULD Mid Atlantic Competition History and some new comers highlighted the Ultimate Long Drive league event at Arundel Golf Park in Glen Burnie, MD on Saturday June 24, 2023. It was a hot muggy day for the long drivers who also had to battle a wind in...

Welcome to the Future of Television Sports Coverage!

The Profound Transformation In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences, the landscape of television sports coverage is undergoing a profound transformation. Legacy media, once the dominant force in broadcasting live sports...

About Ultimate Long Drive

Ultimate Long Drive, Inc (ULD) is based in Myrtle Beach, SC and operates the ULD Championship Series.

Beginning in 2017, as Amateur Long Drive (ALD)™ ULD licensees,  operates and sanctions events in Canada, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and 22 Latin American countries. The ULD™ Championship Series consists of Leagues, Regional Majors, and an annual World Championship event. The season runs from November1st through the World Championship.

Divisions are available for all ages and abilities from 7 & Under to 75+ and include opportunities for adaptive, military, and first responder players. All events offer players the option to play for money and/or points to earn a spot in the annual World Championship.


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Event schedules are added throughout the season. Check here often for the latest additions to League, Regional, National, and World Championship Series events!

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ULD Divisions


Boys and Girls ages 13 and under compete in youth divisions at ULD™ League, Regional Majors, Nationals, and World Championship Events in 7U, 9U, 11U, and 13U

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Boys and girls ages 17 AND under compete in ULD™ League, Regional Majors, Nationals, and World Championship Events.

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Players of any age may enter any Open Division event in ULD. Only players 18+ may receive prize money from "professional" ULD Events.

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Masters 35+ 40+ 45+

Players ages of 35 and up may enter any 35+ ULD Events. Players ages 40 and up may enter 40+ ULD events. And any player age 45 and up may enter the 45+ age bracket and any below their current age.


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Open Senior

Players between the ages of 50 and 75+ may enter  their respective age bracket at any ULD event in  50+, 55+. 60+, 65+, 70+, and 75+ divisions along with any below their current age.


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Clinics & Work Shops

Ultimate Long Drive, Inc provides access for all members to the best long drive coaches in the industry through ULD Academy.


Good Long Drive equipment can be dfficult to find. Much is only availalbe in limited supply. ULD members have access to the best products and prices available.

Peronalized Training

One-on-one training can be difficulet to arrange and expensive. . ULD provides its members to the best trainers in the industry.

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Are You Long Enough?

Whether you are an aspiring professional, and intermediate, or beginner in this sport, we offer dozens of annual events in the USA, Canada, India, Mexico, Japan, South Africa, and Latin America.

Would you like to own your own ULD licensed territory or sanctioned event. Create the opportunity for players, family, fans, and sponsors to enjoy this amazing sport!