The Rollout

Smash Factor, rolled out in early January 2022 as a means for delivering ULD news, interviews, schedules, and results. Initially hosted by ULD founder, Jeff Gilder and produced by Jay Burgess, the show airs on wingding™ TV each Wednesday.


“We needed a way to get the word out about results, rankings, and schedules to our hitters and fans,” remarks Gilder. “We’ve been successful using this type of programming in the past by streaming the content to social media. There’s a pretty active group of followers who engage and help share the content. Now, we stream the same type of programming to wingding™ TV and share it to our social platforms. I am definitely not (my) first choice to host the show. But, I am the convenient choice for the time being. I hope to introduce a professional host (laughs) sometime in the near future.”


Smash Factor will feature Players, Tournament Directors, Academy Trainers, Equipment Suppliers, Sponsors, and other key figures in our ULD organization in an effort to make our sport more familiar with fans and prospective fans.


Download the free wingding™ TV app to your smart device from the Google Play or iPhone store or add the wingding™ TV app to your Roku, Amazon Fire, or Apple TV aggregator. We’ll also share each episode to our social media platforms.