In a groundbreaking collaboration, Sycamore BioPharma has teamed up with Ultimate Long Drive, Inc (ULD™) to sponsor the 2024 ULD™ events, including the North American Tour, Local Leagues, the ULD™ Academy, and the much-anticipated World Championship. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both organizations, with Sycamore BioPharma’s GameDay Releaf CBD gummies and lotions set to be the presenting sponsors.

Tyler Stone of Sycamore BioPharma highlighted the benefits of GameDay Releaf gummies, especially designed for athletes and golfers. The gummies are formulated with a unique blend of 25mg CBD and a 2.5mg microdose of Nano THC, offering a 10:1 ratio scientifically proven to aid in post-match and workout recovery. These all-natural gummies aim to provide effective relief from muscle and joint discomfort, promoting faster recovery and revitalization for the body.

In addition to the gummies, Stone emphasized the advantages of the GameDay Releaf full-spectrum CBD lotion, a potent solution for athletes and golfers seeking immediate pain relief. The lotion combines high-potency CBD, Arnica, and a variety of minor cannabinoids in a nourishing Aloe Vera base. This blend ensures smooth application and deep penetration for targeted relief, leveraging the synergy of natural compounds tailored to the needs of athletes.

Jeff Gilder, President & CEO of ULD™, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, sharing his personal experience with Sycamore BioPharma’s products. An old knee injury, which once required him to use crutches, was significantly alleviated within 24 hours after using their CBD products. This firsthand experience solidified his belief in the effectiveness of these products and the potential of this partnership to benefit the ULD™ brand.

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