Glen Davis of The Glen Davis Golf Academy an I were talking about how to improve power and consistency in the golf swing. Glen talked about how to maximize coil to get more power and consistency. I asked him to illustrate….here’s what he said.

Glen Davis

Every golfer I have ever worked with wants to be more consistent and hit the ball further. In order to achieve both, we have to bet the body in a position that allows the body to move forward more freely in the proper sequence.

Here’s a simple drill that puts you in the proper position:

Figure 1

Stand in front of a full-length mirror. Next place a chair against your trailing hip. Now, get into your golf stance holding a ball or a dumbbell in front of your chest with your arms extended.

In the photo on the left, I’m using a hula hoop. Not only is it a great stretching aid, it gives you a good visual…..when keeping the hoop level during torso rotation.

Now, turn the torso in a level fashion over the back leg as seen in the photo.

In order to do this properly the trailing hip does not move from it’s braced position against the chair. (Figure 1) By doing this, the hips cannot move laterally…or in familiar terms…slide. Thus the braced lower body position and the turning of the torso produces coil.

Now, here’s what you want to look for:

Your head is basically over your back leg or knee.

This has tilted your spine toward your back leg which has created our second check-point.



Figure 2

The Power Differential

Here we are measuring the difference…or the space between the lead hip and the shoulder. The bigger the difference, the more coil you are producing. (Figure 2)

Now you’re in a position to explode from the ground up, moving forward which allows you to make contact in a repeatable, powerful fashion.

By doing this drill on a regular basis, not only will you become more consistent, you’ll see improved flexibility…and more distance.

Glen Davis has been helping golfers gain more distance since 1988.

About Glen

  • Over 40 years golf instruction experience.
  • Over 28 years in golf school business in Myrtle Beach.
  • Nominated Top 100 teachers in America by Golf Magazine.
  • Voted “Best on the Beach” instructor by Myrtle
    Beach Golf Magazine since 2003.
  • Outstanding player with 15 professional wins.
  • Worked directly with three legendary teachers:
    Jimmy Ballard, John Redmond, Harry “Lighthouse” Cooper.



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