Traveling Golfer™ Show

We’re extremely excited to announce the nationally recognized and syndicated Traveling Golfer™ TV show will cover the final results of the 2022 ULD National and World Championships. Traveling Golfer™ airs in multiple NBC Sports markets, Fun Roads TV, and wingding™. The National Championship show will have multiple airings on NBC Sports in the month of October leading up to the ULD World Championship. The World Championship show will have multiple airings during the month of November following the championship.

Tony Leodora

“In the 8 1/2 year history of the Traveling Golfer™ television show, I can honestly say I have never been as excited about producing two shows as I am about the Ultimate Long Drive Championships that will air in the fall,” remarked Tony Leodora, host and creator of Traveling Golfer™. “Not only will we be highlighting the sites at Barefoot Resort & Golf in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Premier Sports Campus in Bradenton, Florida, we will be in the middle of the long drive excitement and non-stop action. Having been a spectator at the very first Amateur Long Drive™ event in August 2017 at Legends Golf in Myrtle Beach, I’m honored to dedicate these two shows to this program.”

Future Exposure on Traveling Golfer™

Although we’re not prepared to provide the details about future (2023 and beyond) coverage, we’re are prepared to announce Traveling Golfer™ with it’s national syndication will provide Ultimate Long Drive™ on-going coverage.

We’re always working to expand our reach to provide our program and athletes additional exposure. It’s an important accomplish to get our sport in front this audience. Thank you, Tony! We’re honored to be part of your programming!