XLD Develops Team Competition

Absent from the 2023 season has been any mention of Xtreme Long Drive® (XLD) until this week. ULD added a “money” (pro) option to all adult registrations for 2023, but purposely avoided reference to XLD. XLD has previously been the identification of the ULD professional competitions. We’ve been working on a team series concept for the past couple of years and are now ready to begin competitions. We reserved the XLD brand for this distinction. The XLD Team Series concept was developed to facilitate online wagering.

Wagering Coming To The Sport of Long Drive

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been approached by folks with interest in bringing wagering to our sport. While we liked the idea, until now, we felt like we were missing the right partnership arrangement. On March 13, 2023, Ultimate Long Drive Inc (ULD) formed an agreement with Pro League Network (PLN) to utilize the XLD Team Series concept to introduce the sport of long drive to the wagering community. PLN will not only handle the regulations side of the project, they will also be licensed to run LDF (Long Drive Federation) sanctioned  XLD events.

XLD PLN Press Release

Read the official press release.

XLD Format

The XLD Team Series format will include two teams of four players each in a head-to-head double elimination competition to determine the team winner and overall individual winner. The teams will be drafted before each event or series of events by the licensed team captains. Players will enter the draft by way of an “Application for Entry” registration. Each captain will (round by round) draft 4 players and at least one alternate. Initially, all XLD Team events will rely on technology (Trackman, Flightscope, Foresight, Full Swing) (both indoor and outdoors) for scoring.

First Event

The first event will take place in the ULD home office simulator on April 21, at 6 PM. The event will be live streamed and posted for on-demand viewing via the wingding™ platform. Highlights from the event (30 minute show) will be distributed to NBC Sports.

More Events

Follow us and PLN on socials and our websites for updated schedules for drafts and events.  

Application To Enter Draft

This is the draft application for the first XLD Team Series Event