ULD Academy

Ultimate Long Drive, Inc operates the ULD Academy with Certified Long Drive Trainers / Coaches in licensed territories across the US. The curriculum consists of three stages of clinics plus on-going personal and video lessons designed to help long drivers of all skill levels perform at their peak.

Stage One Clinics

Stage One focus is technique, speed, and stability. Students will leave this stage with a notable increase in swing speed along with the technique / drills and tools to continue with this phase of training. Stage One is a required preparation for Stage Two.

Stage Two Clinics

Stage Two clinics focus on advanced mechanics, dialing in equipment, shot-shaping, conditioning, nutrition, and advanced speed training technique. Students completing this stage of training will have the drills, diet, and exercises to prepare them for Stage Three.

Stage Three Clinics

Stage Three Clinics focus on competition preparation.  How to optimize the conditioning learned in Stage Two leading up to competition. This stage introduces mental preparation and game-day attitude. Students will learn how to plan and implement a competition strategy. Grid management and how to hit the winning shot with consideration given to ground, air, and wind conditions while handling the stress of competition.


All ULD Academy clinics will be place on ALD & XLD websites and social media. Each clinic will have limited slots available and will be offered on a first come-first served basis. To join our waiting list and be notified of clinics in your area, please fill out the form HERE.


Interested trainers may apply for certification and available territories HERE.