Introducing ULD Academy

ULD Academy is a multi-staged long drive curriculum designed to advance long drivers to their peak performance. Aspiring long drivers of any skill level may enroll and progress through technique, conditioning (for long drive), speed, and mental preparation lessons. ULD Academy is designed for all levels of competition from amateur beginners to top-level professionals. Students will have access to clinics, on-going one-on-one coaching, and video subscriptions.

Opportunity for Trainers

ULD Academy Certifies trainers in licensed territories to conduct sanctioned clinics and offer personal coaching / training to long drivers in a given territory.

Stage One Clinics

ULD Academy Stage One Clinics focus on an introduction to technique, stability, and speed. Classes are conducted for long drive athletes and golfers of all levels. Students progressing during Stage One clinics will likely see significant increases in swing speed and ball carry distance.

Stage Two Clinics

ULD Academy Stage Two Clinics are a natural transition from Stage One training. Stage Two introduces advanced mechanics, shot-shaping,  nutrition,  conditioning, and advanced speed training.

Stage Three Clinics

ULD Academy Stage Three Clinics focus on competition preparation. Grid technique, planning and hitting the winner shot, pre-event physical conditioning, and mental preparation are key elements as well as game-day mental attitude.


All ULD Academy dates will be posted her and on all other ULD property (ALD< XLD) websites and social media.

Many ULD Trainers are active and successful professional long drivers including Two WLD World Masters Champion, Jeff Crittenden. The ULD Academy has been established to prepare long drivers of all levels to compete at their peak through proper training, coaching,



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