ULD / WingDing MEDIA™ Expanded Partnership

Ultimate Long Drive, Inc. (ULD) is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with WingDing MEDIA™, a leader in digital sports content distribution. This exclusive alliance, set to launch in 2024, represents a landmark moment for long drive golf, marrying ULD’s thrilling competitions with WingDing MEDIA™’s state-of-the-art live streaming capabilities. Together, we’re setting a new benchmark for sports entertainment excellence and accessibility.

Elevating Long Drive Golf: A Vision for the Future

Our collaboration with WingDing MEDIA™ is a strategic move designed to transform how fans engage with long drive golf. Leveraging advanced over-the-top (OTT) streaming services, we are thrilled to offer our supporters comprehensive access to live and on-demand content across a myriad of platforms, including the renowned “Big 4”: Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and iTunes. This partnership not only signifies ULD’s commitment to innovation but also ensures our passionate fans can enjoy every powerful drive and nail-biting moment on their preferred devices.

With WingDing MEDIA™’s impressive reach across 15 billion devices globally, our long drive content is poised to captivate one of the widest sports audiences ever assembled. This unprecedented access underscores our dedication to growing the sport of long drive golf and nurturing a global community of enthusiasts. Through OTT and Connected TV (CTV), coupled with WingDing TV’s versatile applications for iOS, Android, and the WebApp, fans will experience an enhanced viewing journey characterized by intuitive navigation and seamless, high-quality streaming.

Championing Excellence and Expanding Horizons

At ULD, our mission has always been to showcase the pinnacle of long drive golf through highly competitive and engaging events. This partnership amplifies our efforts, allowing us to share the intense excitement and skill of our sport with a broader audience than ever before. By harnessing WingDing MEDIA™’s cutting-edge technology, we’re bringing the spectacle of long drive directly to fans in high definition, further establishing our tournaments as must-see events in the sports calendar.

Maximizing Impact with Social Media Engagement

Understanding the critical role of social media in today’s interconnected world, ULD and WingDing MEDIA™ are embarking on an ambitious social media collaboration. Through targeted campaigns on platforms like X, Instagram, and Facebook, we aim to deepen our connection with the long drive community, providing exclusive content, behind-the-scenes insights, and interactive opportunities to engage with our sport.

A Commitment to the Sport and Its Fans

“Our alliance with WingDing MEDIA™ transcends traditional content distribution; it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to enhancing fan experience and promoting the growth of long drive golf globally,” stated Kevin Porter, Vice President of Operations at Ultimate Long Drive, Inc. “This partnership reflects our ambition to innovate and adapt, ensuring long drive golf remains at the forefront of sports entertainment.”

Looking to the Horizon

As ULD and WingDing MEDIA™ embark on this exclusive partnership, we’re not just looking ahead to the future of sports entertainment—we’re actively creating it. With shared values of excellence, innovation, and community engagement, we’re poised to redefine what fans can expect from sports broadcasting.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Keep an eye on ultimatelongdrive.com and wingding.tv for the latest updates, event streams, and on-demand content that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Together, we’re driving towards a future where the spirit, beauty, and excitement of long drive golf are within easy reach of fans around the world.