ULD™ Policies

  • Have Fun! 

      1. Any violation of this rule will result in sanctions, including but not limited to:

  • Ostracization, polarization, and/or 

  • Punishment, as defined in Section Bad People.

  • Eligibility

      1. Any hitter of any age or ability is eligible for Ultimate Long Drive (ULD™) competition in one or. Any former or current member of the US Military or First Responder is eligible for Valor Long Drive (VLD™). 

  • First Responder is defined as a firefighter, law enforcement officer, paramedic, emergency medical technician, or other individual (including an employee of a legally organized and recognized volunteer organization, whether compensated or not), who, in the course of his or her professional duties, responds to fire, medical, hazardous material, or other similar emergencies.

      1. Effective Playing Age

  • Beginning with the 2022 season, the effective age for competition in any division is based upon the Hitter’s birthday. Hitters are eligible (but not required) to move up on or after their birthdates. Any Hitter has the option to play out the season at their age at the beginning of the season. Example: Adult Hitters benefit with the opportunity to play in the next older division. Youth Hitters benefit (normally) by retaining the opportunity to remain in the younger division. We will not force a Hitter to move up in age during a season.

      1. ULD™ Membership Required to Register for Events

  • All Hitters must be ULD™ members and hold a current ULD™ Membership to register for events, accumulate World Ranking Points, League Ranking Points, and to be eligible to transfer to National and World Championship events. The annual Membership renews at the beginning of each new season. Membership must be purchased online prior to registration for tournaments.

  • League Hitting Divisions and Brackets

      1. There will be two hitting Divisions:

  • Points Division.  This division will have an entry fee per age bracket and will accrue points as established by place in the ULD Points Chart.

  • Money Division. This division will have the same entry fee. In addition, a separate Money fee will be placed into a pot, with 100%, winner take all, payout in local events. World Championship Qualifiers and Worlds will have multiple place Money awards.

      1. See Registration for fee structure.

      2. Prior to the start of the World Championships the ULD Hitter will establish themselves and compete as either a Points or Money Hitter.

      3. ULD™ League Competition

  • ULD™ leagues operate in multiple territories across the U.S. and abroad. Hitters will compete for local and world ranking points. Current ULD™ Leagues are listed on the website.

      1. Brackets

  • Points Youth brackets for both boys and girls include: 7U; 9U; 11U; 13U and 15U.  Points Junior divisions for boys and girls include ages 17and under.  

  • Points and Money adult brackets for both men and women include: Open (any age); Masters 35+ (ages 35 and up); Masters 40+ (ages 40 and up); Masters 45+ (ages 45 and up); Senior 50+ (ages 50 and up); Senior 55+ (ages 55 and up); Senior 60+ (ages 60 and up); Senior 65+ (ages 65 and up); Senior 70+ (ages 70 and up); Senior 75+ (ages 75 and up).

  • Valor Bracket

      1. There are Open Veteran / Military and First Responders brackets for both males and females at ULD™ World Championship Event.  Both active and former military are welcomed, as well as First Responders. First Responder is defined as a firefighter, law enforcement officer, paramedic, emergency medical technician, or other individual (including an employee of a legally organized and recognized volunteer organization, whether compensated or not), who, in the course of his or her professional duties, responds to fire, medical, hazardous material, or other similar emergencies. Valor participants are identified via checking the box during registration during regular league events and or World Championship Qualifier Events.

  • Adaptive Bracket

      1. There will be an Open Adaptive bracket for both male and female, adult and junior, Hitters at the World Championship Qualifiers, Nationals, and World Championship. Additional divisions shall be considered based upon participation. Adaptive divisions at the league level will be scored as “Open” adaptive…male or female…junior or adult.

  • Cancellations

      1. Weather

  • ULD™ cannot guarantee weather conditions or constant playing conditions as the result of weather. Every effort will be made to complete all competitions while ensuring the safety of Hitters. If conditions become unplayable, ULD™ reserves the right to shorten or alter the format in effort to complete an official competition. ULD™ will not issue refunds to any Hitter if severe weather conditions shorten or alter the competition format.

      1. ULD Cancellations

  • In the event ULD has to cancel an event, the Hitter’s registration will migrate to the rescheduled event. If the Hitter is unable to go to that event, he/she must contact our office and request the registration be moved to another event or request a refund.

      1. Hitter Cancellations

  • If a Hitter has registered for and an event and advises the Tournament Director or our office they cannot attend, the registration can be moved to another event. If a Hitter registers for an event and does not play and has not notified the Tournament Director or our office, the Hitter’s registration is forfeited.

  • Note: Cancellation / change fees may be assessed depending upon the circumstance.

  • ULD™ World Championship Qualifier Championships

      1. It is the intent (for the near term) to place World Championship Qualifier Championships in areas where leagues are not present to give as many people as possible access to the ULD™ World Championships. Bracket winners will automatically transfer to the ULD™ World Championship.

      2. World Championship Qualifier Championships are open to all ULD™ Tour Card members. Any Hitter may compete in any or all World Championship Qualifiers whether or not he / she is competing in a League / Series. These events are categorized as World Championship Qualifier Championship Qualifiers and award double World Ranking points.

  • ULD™ Automatic Invitations to The World Championship

      1. Invitees will have one week after receipt of the invitation to accept and commit to the Worlds.  Invitations are sent individually at the end of the regular season. If a bracket winner is unable to attend the World Championship, the invitation shall be extended to the 2nd, 3rd, etc. until the allotted slot is filled.

      2. As of August 4th of each year, the top Hitter in each bracket from each League (based on League Ranking Points) will be invited to the World Championship.

      3. As of September 16th of each year, the top Hitter in each bracket based on World Ranking Points will be invited to the World Championship.

      4. The top Hitter in each bracket from each World Championship Qualifier will be invited to the World Championship.

      5. After September 1st of each year, Wild Card Invitations may be awarded to certain Hitters based upon performance and participation.

  • Example: The 2018 Junior Male Champion will be invited to the 2019 World Championship (Day 1) Competition Rounds. This exemption covers the invitation but, not the entry fee to the event. A current Tour Card and World Championship event entry is required.

  • Wild Card Explanation: Wild Card picks may be transferred to the Worlds based upon performance and participation in league, and World Championship Qualifier tournaments. For example: Hitters who are eligible to transfer from the Leagues and World Championship Qualifiers will have to commit by August 1st to maintain their position in the World Championship. The next Hitter in line at the League and World Championship Qualifier will be the first alternate for those positions….and so on. If any of the league transfer spots are left unfilled, the ULD™ Tournament Director may add transfer spots from the LCQ or offer Wild Card spots based upon performance and participation upon approval from ULD™ Management. Availability of Wild Card spots is not guaranteed.

      1. ULD™ Money League Competition 

  • Bracket winners in Money events will earn invitations to the ULD™ Money World Championship. World Ranking will be based upon Money won. ULD™ Money events will have purses equal to 100% of all Money Fees per bracket plus sponsored added purses. Added purse money will be distributed based on payout formula based on field size. Minimum of 4 hitters to qualify for added purse money or at sponsors discretion. 

      1. ULD™ World Championship Qualifier Championship Events

  • World Ranking Points System

      1. ULD™ full competition Membership is required to receive competition points.

      2. Points are only awarded at ULD™ Sanctioned Events.

      3. ULD™ World Ranking resets at the beginning of each season (no points are carried over from season to season).

      4. ULD™ Points Cup and Money Cup will awarded to the overall leader in World Ranking points in ULD™ Men and Women in four subdivisions:

  • Juniors: Youth and Junior combined 

  • Open

  • Masters: 35+, 40+, and 45+, combined

  • Seniors: 50+ and up combined

    1. Points for Hitters playing in multiple subdivisions are combined. 

    2. Hitter must compete in a minimum of six (6) events (not brackets) to be eligible.

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