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Come join me on my quest to compete in the 2022 Ultimate Long Drive National and World Championships. Your support will help with my event costs such as registrations, travel, lodging, and equipment.

Ultimate Long Drive (ULD) has allowed me an opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream to compete at a national and world championship level. With over 200 events annually in the USA, ULD provides competition levels for amateurs from ages 7 and under to 75+ and professional levels from ages 18 to 75+. There are adaptive divisions for players with disabilities as well as active and veteran military divisions.

John Barragan

by Jeff Gilder

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Jeff Gilder

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What Your Sponsorship Means to Me

Any donations and/ or sponsorship you provide will help me, travel from state to state competing on your behalf in Ultimate Long Drive (ULD) league competitions. Earning points to earn a spot in the national and world championship. Your donations will help with hotel accommodations, travel expenses, golf coaching, and golf equipment.

There are several different tiers that you can sponsor me on. Thank you for your donations and any help you can provide. I am so much appreciative of all you can help with.

My Bio

How You Doing, my name is John Barragan just turned 53 years old. I have been working in the Railroad Industry for about 25 years.

Since, moving to Florida 8 years ago I, have been going to hit golf balls at the driving range with my daughter and it is so much fun to hit BOMBS over the fence with my 3 IRON and see her face of WOW!!. Couple of people at the range also have told me that I should use a Driver and compete in Long Drive. This replaced my old past Sunday morning softball games. I Spoke to my wife and kid about Golf Long Drive and they were all supportive.

Next, was to actually follow through with joining and competing. Not having any golf equipment or knowledge, I started researching how to get into the long drive competitions.  Several months into research internet searches came up with the ULD.

My wife and Daughter said “You can do it we believe in you and love you”. So, I signed up on the internet website  for a TOUR CARD. Entered my first league event in November 2021 in Orlando, Florida with a 42 inch long 12.5-degree driver. The staff at ULD is very and kind helpful people, they are there if you need something from a Driver to a tee shirt.

All the Long Drive Players was so nice giving advice and guidance on what equipment is needed and helpful tips.

My wife and Daughter surprised me at Christmas with me an expensive 400-dollar Long Drive Driver Club, showing their support as well as their loving support for me.

Thank You ULD you have allowed me an opportunity join a league and to compete as an amateur for national and world championship. It is so nice to be part of a league again like many years ago.

My Training

Every week try and hit over 500 golf balls at driving ranges to practice. Since starting in the ULD I have been trying to exercise and eat right. That will help my body compete. Focusing exercising to squats that will allow me to be able use the ground forces while swinging. Arm and Hip exercises that will help with the control and the follow through speed.

My Goal

Is to continue training hard to be able to hit golf balls consistently over 400 yards.

Keeping focus on winning a National and World Long Drive Competition.

Becoming the oldest and longest long drive record holder  

My Sayings

“That’s The One”.

My Secret Warm Up Tool     

Golf Club made out of piece of Train Track



You will receive my autographed hero card.

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You will receive my Hero Card, a ULD Hat, and a ULD Koozie.

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You will receive my Hero Card, and ULD apparel and accessories package that includes a ULD Hat, Koozie, Magnetic Golf Towel, and a ULD Hoodie.

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You will receive the Hero Card and the ULD Apparel and Accessory package above along with a video of may thanking your for your support shared on my social media along with ULD's social media.

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You will receive My Hero Card along with the ULD Apparel and Accessory package in levels 2 and 3. I will attend your corporate or private event and perform a long drive exhibition. I will create a video about a product, service, or cause of your choice and share it on my social media as well as ULDs social Media. You will receive a listing for your business or cause in the ULD Sponsors page.

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