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Come join me on my quest to compete in the 2022 Ultimate Long Drive National and World Championships. Your support will help with my event costs such as registrations, travel, lodging, and equipment.

Ultimate Long Drive (ULD) has allowed me an opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream to compete at a national and world championship level. With over 200 events annually in the USA, ULD provides competition levels for amateurs from ages 7 and under to 75+ and professional levels from ages 18 to 75+. There are adaptive divisions for players with disabilities as well as active and veteran military divisions.

Kyle Manning

by Jeff Gilder

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Jeff Gilder

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Campaign Story

My Bio

Thank you for taking the time to view my Campaign. My name is Kyle Manning, I am currently 31 and live in Bakersfield, CA. I am a husband to my wife of 7 years and have been with her for 14 years all together, father to 2 amazing children 1 boy 1 girl with another boy expected to arrive within the month. Nothing in the world brings me as much joy as my children and family as a whole. I have been golfing ever since I was old enough for my dad to put a golf club in my hands, and other than my family golf is my biggest joy/passion.

I was initially introduced into the world of Long Drive by my older brother, he had competed in the former LDA when we were younger, attended many events of his and watched him compete against the best in the world and I was amazed and became infatuated with hitting the ball as far as I can. Now I am competing in ULD in both the Amateur open men’s division as well as the Pro men’s open division as an amateur. Last competition year 2020-2021, I competed solely as an amateur in the SoCal region. I won the ALD men’s open for SoCal, qualified and attended Nationals in Myrtle Beach where I placed 5th, and then moved onto Worlds in Chicago where I unfortunately came up short. But onto 2021-2022 season I am currently on top of point in the SoCal Amateur men’s open division and have competed in 2 of 3 XLD events held in my area and won 1 of the 2 I competed in and placed 2nd in the other.

Having my family and a single primary source of income can strain many households, more so if they have a passion for a sport that requires travel to be competitive. Asking for help is not normally in my nature, but in order to attend events such as the Nationals and Worlds which I fully plan to, want to, and am working towards qualifying for; financial help would greatly assist my endeavor to becoming a champion. I will not make any promises I can’t keep, but I can promise that at every event, big or small, I will give every swing my all in my quest to be called #1.


Favorite Movie

Avengers Infinity War

Favorite Golf Movie

Caddie Shack

Golfing Inspiration

Plain and simple, my dad and my older brother Alan. My dad has done all he can to give us all the tools we needed growing up to progress our game. Golf lessons, equipment, competitions. He pushed us, and we are very thankful for it now. And my brother for helping keep it fun, obviously golfing with dad at a younger age isn’t always the most fun, especially with how concentrated he wanted us being. But Alan was there to help make it more fun and encouraging even though he was a scratch golfer as I was trying to break 100. And obviously he got me into the world of Long Drive and I’m thankful for that.

Favorite Long Drive Experience

I wish I could write out some funny, knee slapping, joke about a long drive experience. But to me my favorite memory so far is going to Myrtle Beach in 2021 for Nationals, my dad and younger brother going with me, and being able to be so competitive on the tee box and then turn around on the next group up and cheer on the guys hitting who is still your competition. Long drive is such a different level of golf that many people never get to experience, even as a spectator. The music, the adrenaline, the hype, the emotion. Its almost the evil twin of regular golf haha. But once someone goes to an event and see’s it and experiences it, they automatically realize how cool, fun, and addicted it is.



You will receive my autographed hero card.

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You will receive my Hero Card, a ULD Hat, and a ULD Koozie.

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You will receive my Hero Card, and ULD apparel and accessories package that includes a ULD Hat, Koozie, Magnetic Golf Towel, and a ULD Hoodie.

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You will receive the Hero Card and the ULD Apparel and Accessory package above along with a video of may thanking your for your support shared on my social media along with ULD's social media.

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You will receive My Hero Card along with the ULD Apparel and Accessory package in levels 2 and 3. I will attend your corporate or private event and perform a long drive exhibition. I will create a video about a product, service, or cause of your choice and share it on my social media as well as ULDs social Media. You will receive a listing for your business or cause in the ULD Sponsors page.

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