Hey Hitters!

As we enter the month of August, you’ll find multiple opportunities to get qualified for the 2023 ULD World Championship (which will be held October 4 – 8, 2023 at Part Tee Golf Center in Cayce, SC).

Beginning in August all our League Tournament Directors across the USA run their annual League Championships. Anyone can advance to the Worlds (from any division) via these events. Hitters do not need to be a member of the league (or any league for that matter) to play the events. They function just like a a regional qualifying event in that regard. Some hitters will play these League Championships as a tour. Some may play a single event (one and done if they win) as the only one played all season. Some will play the League Championship as the season’s culmination of their competition in that league.

All division winners from within the league will advance to the Worlds as well as any division winners from outside the league. We do that to protect those loyal to league competition from being edged out of Worlds opportunities by a player outside their league. Any division winners who have already qualified (and others who place) via other contests (see below) will open up an opportunity to those finishing behind them. Finishing near the top of any League Championship makes it possible to earn a spot at the Worlds. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Pathways to the ULD Worlds:

  1. League Season Points Winners and League Season Money Winners – Those assigned to leagues who win the points and/or money contests for the season for their division(s) will be invited to the 2023 ULD World Championship.
  2. World Championship Qualifier Winners – Those players winning their division (points and/or money) in a Sanctioned ULD World Championship Qualifier will be invited to the 2023 ULD World Championship.
  3. League Championship Event Winners – Those players winning their divisions (points and/or money) will be invited to the 2023 ULD World Championship. Note: Division winning league members and division winning non-league members will be invited to the 2023 ULD World Championship.
  4. All 2022 World Champions (and others exempted by way of 2022 ULD Worlds) will be invited to the 2023 ULD World Championship.
  5. Additional players may be invited depending upon pre-qualified situations. Example: Previously qualified players who win qualifying events will allow invitations to be offered to players finishing behind them. This process will be in effect for all top positions. Example: We have had situations in the past where the top three finishers in a qualifying event have already qualified (by league points or other means) opening up fourth place for an invitation.