2024 ULD North American Tour

With the 2024 league season start-up just around the corner, as of this writing there are already 30+ events on the calendar. Additional events will be added throughout the season. Those events currently posted include the 2024 ULD North American Tour. The North American Tour is a series of 2024 World Championship Qualifiers. All events on the series will be open to all ULD supported divisions. Winners will qualify for the 2024 ULD Worlds to be held in October 2024 at Par Tee Golf Center in West Columbia, SC. All others will compete for World Championship points on their way to qualification. A current ULD Membership is required to compete.

The 2024 ULD North American Tour will include stops in Canada, Mexico, Florida, California, Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, and Texas (others may be added).

The ULD 2024 North American Tour Stops are posted HERE. 

2024 ULD League Championships

In addition to the 2024 ULD North American Tour, all players with a current ULD Membership may compete in any ULD League and League Championship. League points winners, and League Championship winners will qualify for the 2024 ULD Worlds along with overall points contenders.

2024 Calendar

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